Upcoming Camera Features For OnePlus Smartphones In 2020

Upcoming Camera Features For OnePlus Smartphones In 2020



Upcoming Camera Features For OnePlus Smartphones In 2020

OnePlus held a two-day workshop in New York City called the Open Ear Forum, where feedback was received from its users in 2020 to help connect software and hardware updates. Below in this article , we will provide the Upcoming Camera Features For OnePlus Smartphones In 2020.

After listening to and evaluating the challenges faced by guest videographers, this year aims to improve its camera experience to improve shutter speed, autofocus stability, and Super 4K stabilization. Take a look at what all OnPlus users can expect from the brand in 2020

Camera Updates For Future OnePlus Smartphones

Identical Exposure and White Balance: The main purpose of optimizing white balance change is to prioritize the adjustment of the cameras in order to have similar exposure and color consistency.

Auto Focus: By 2020, software and hardware changes in the standard autofocus of the cameras on the phone will certainly change.

Skin tone Improvement: Improving skin tone consistency with top priorities, One Plus Eyes Set.

Sharpness: The company is trying to adjust the stability between sharpness and noise to improve overall sharpness.

Super 4K Stabilization: Due to hardware restrictions, 4K confirmation is seen on future devices and not on current devices. Supporting 4K noise, reducing noise and improving light quality are key features of Super 4K stabilization.

Dynamic Range and Light Flickering: After asking a lot of feedback on the matter, solutions to Dynamic Range and De-Flickering are made to solve problems.

Smooth Panning Shots and Shutter Speed: Improving panning shots stabilization by increasing smoothness is work under progress since last year. Increasing the shutter speed will be seen constantly in the upcoming updates.

Lens property parity: It is estimated that the company will offer Full HD (1080p) and 4K support for the three camera sensors and the ability to switch between lenses when shooting in future devices rather than current devices due to hardware limitations.

Video editing and night mode: OnePlus works in night mode for video, color correction, and LUT options enhances the user experience and improves the quality-related video tools available in the Gallery app.

Simultaneous recording through 2 cameras– Wide + Ultra-wide or Rear + Front.

Single handed use – one-handed zoom solutions that solve problems such as the inability to reach the top bar of the phone for functions and the like.

The forum post mentions features like reverse recording, pro video mode, emoji, and AR stickers, social media mode, and light painting mode that OnePlus has paused for the moment to focus on requirements for higher priority features.

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