Did You Know Best Excitement Places For Photography In London

Did You Know Best Excitement Places For Photography In London

Best Excitement Places For Photography In London

London is the perfect destination to experience majestic royal parks, stunning backdrops of the world’s most iconic attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and gorgeous skylines from the Shard. Here we provide the Best Excitement Places For Photography In London.

Photographing Westminster London is always exciting and sometimes breathtaking. It’s incredibly beautiful everywhere and you want to get off at any subway station to take photos. Good photographic equipment is therefore crucial. Especially for huge monuments and to better capture every precious moment.

1.Houses of Parliament &Big Ben

Big Ben is probably the most photographed landmark in Britain. However, this typically British building is the hardest to take.

 Parliament Square

  • Close-up of Big Ben + clouds: Zoom in and take a portrait to draw attention to the bell tower. Make a closer crop with the clouds to create a nice vignette background.
  • Here no chance of taking a street-level landscape shot of Big Ben in Parliament Square. Taking close-ups here is the best.

Westminster Bridge

Medium shot of Big Ben: Position your tripod on the bridge and have the Big Ben as a background. Some pedestrian traffic can still be expected here, but the nearby buildings and people are working to create more open images.

Across Thames River

Big Ben’s Long Shot: One of Big Ben’s best London photo locations, with fewer pedestrians and distractions.

2.Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is perfect if you want to capture picturesque walking areas in a big city. On this pedestrian bridge, you can cross the Thames and reach Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The futuristic design stands out from other bridges, but the most important thing is that you have a beautiful view of the banks of the river.

  • Best time to take photos: Late Afternoons
  • Nearest Station: 9-min walk from Southwark Station
  • Cost: Free

3.Borough Market

A lovely London grocery store in the heart of London Bridge. It is one of the best photo locations in London to capture local London life with delicious deals from dealers.

  • Best time to take photos: Day time
  • Nearest Station: London Bridge

4. London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge is a famous bridge in London and possibly the world. It’s a fantastic place for those interested in technology and history to see the work behind Victorian technology rooms. For a person £9, you can get a ticket to walk across the bridge, which is great for taking photos.

5. Trafalgar Square

If you are in the city, you must visit or cross the square. Come here quickly if you want good pictures. This is a great way to have an afternoon coffee break in the backdrop of Nelson Pillar and Stone Lions.

  • Best time to take photos: Early morning or night time
  • Cost: Free

6. National Gallery

The National Gallery, Buckingham Palace and the Museum of Natural History are essential in London. The National Gallery overlooks Trafalgar Square and is a beautiful view. The entry price is £ 10 and you can find a large collection of paintings. This is great for history and art lovers, but if you have 40 minutes, this is a good place to admire some culture.

  • Best time to take photos: Day time
  • Cost: £10 entrance fee

7. Admiralty Arch

The Admiralty Arch is still a landmark in London. Gold for these amazing gate photosystems. You can take wide-angle shots of the ceremonial path from the mall to Buckingham Palace or try different perspectives on both sides of the archive. Don’t forget to look closely at the intricate concrete and Latin inscriptions.

  • Best time to take photos: Day time or early morning
  • Cost: Free

8. The Mall

One of the most ceremonial roads leading up to Buckingham Palace. On Saturdays, I like to take a jack or walk on the main road when there is no traffic. Avoid weekdays because the road is closed to pedestrians, but you can also catch its beautiful boulevard on the sidewalk.

  • Best time to take photos: Weekends, day time
  • Cost: Free

9. Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall

A pleasant place for cultural exploration and photography. Every day at 11 am, you can see the royal horse guards switching to the parade ground. The complex is incredibly spacious and the surrounding architecture makes for some of the best photo space in London.

  • Best time to take photos: Day time, before 11 am to watch changing of guards
  • Cost: Free

10. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the number one spot of historical and cultural significance. It is the queen’s royal residence and site. If you are not here at 5 am, there is no chance of getting a clean picture without the crowd.

  • Best time to take photos: Early mornings
  • Cost: Free

11. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey by sailing from Buckingham Palace to The Mall for 10-15 minutes. Westminster Abbey is a gigantic ancient Gothic building in the heart of London. The inside building photography is strictly prohibited, but the architecture from the outside is absolutely stunning.

12. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum will be on the most important tourist list. It is the city’s best museum with an incredible view of wildlife and great dinosaur exhibitions. You can capture beautiful photos in this museum.

  • Photography tips: Get to the upper level and wait for the crowd to clear out. This is the best photography spot in the museum.
  • Nearest Station: South Kensington
  • Best time to take photos: Day time (10:00 – 17:30)
  • Cost: Free entry

13. London Phone Booth

The red telephone booth is practically on the back of each tourist’s photograph.

14. Windsor Castle

A royal residence and the world’s oldest occupied fortress. If you decide between Stonehenge or Windsor, definitely go to Windsor Castle. It is luxury and architectural beauty can keep a photographer in the sand.

15. Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice is an enchanting and monumental building in London. This is a nice addition to the Victorian buildings in the UK. Here you take beautiful pictures with your camera.

  • Location: Strand, London WC2A 2LL.
  • Nearest Station: 7-min from Holborn Tube Station

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